The Challenge

Geology Superstore wanted something similar to their older website, using the same colour scheme and a similar layout. However, they felt the older one was too bland and was not easy to navigate.

The Solution

We created a design with bold images in blocks which have bold headings and images which bring out the minimal colour scheme of black, white and blue. We have kept the design brief and simple so it is easy to navigate and use. As Geology Superstore has a lot of products, we added sub-categories so this would again make the design more clean and easy on the eye.

What’s New?

Mobile Refresh

The Challenge, to make the website look clean and refreshing.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

By using imagery and blocks, makes the website a lot easier to view and navigate.


Managing Products and Delivery

The aim was to create an online store to help sell Geology Superstore’s equipment. We feel like we have created a base for launching products.

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