3 Tips to Apply Lipstick like a Boss

3 Tips to Apply Lipstick like a Boss

You’re a person of great power and influence, so how much can just a little tube of pigments, oil and waxes transform you? 

In many exchanges, appearances can be a vital factor that can tip the scales in your favour or be the linchpin that brings about failure. While you can buy lipstick anywhere (the options are nearly infinite), simply possessing it doesn’t make you a superstar. Like any great tool, we all have to learn to use it properly. These three tips will come in handy to maximise your look. 

Apply them and you’ll shine like the diamond you are!

Prepare Your Lips

Like building a home, a foundation must be laid. And to become a powerhouse, you’ll need to ensure your lips are ready for the transformation! Apply some lip balm to smooth out any lines and iron the crevices. Doing this will even out the look. 

Just like lipstick, there’s a plethora of options. A good resource to check out is over at Sephora.

They have many options and you can spend some time narrowing down to the products that best fit your needs.

Think of Your Lip Colour!

A common mistake that a lot of people make is that they try to match the colour of their lipstick to their own skin. 

The colour of your lips will help guide what works best for you. Have pale lips? Sample some red and warm colours. Are your lips naturally blushed? Get the palette out and experiment with some bright colours! Got a darker hue? Vamp out with some cooler colours like midnight and plum. 

There’s tons of options at Ulta.

Liner for the Finer Details

With the advances of competing brands, a lot of lipsticks no longer “bleed”. A good liner can accentuate your cupid’s brow (the curvature of your top lip). And the name of the game is to define tiny details that no one thinks about but has their attention drawn to. You can find some options at Cover Girl

Understanding the tiny details and tweaks that can completely step up your lipstick game from flat to femme fatale. The right look can help you command the room when you enter.

Since our eyes bounce from the eyes to the lips, the tips above will completely transform how you present yourself. Get out there shine! Apply Lipstick like a Boss.

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