Should I Get A Dog? (French Bulldog)

Name: French Bulldog

Life expectancy: 10 – 12 Years

Height: 11 – 13 inches/ 27 – 33 cm

Weight: Under 28 lbs/ 12 kgs

Colours: Varied

Origin: England/ France

Breed popularity: 4th

Appearance: With gorgeous bat ears to die for, the French Bulldog is amongst the most popular breeds of dog in the world in terms of appearance. Its cute little face and adorable little legs make it an absolute favourite for celebrities and city dwellers the world over. It is a muscular little dog with a large, square head. The heavy and numerous wrinkles that roll above it’s nose are one of the most notable features of this breed.

About the French Bulldog: Like a Bulldog, only smaller and much more cute, the French Bulldog (or ‘Frenchie’ as it is often referred to) is a highly companionable and adaptable little character. They don’t bark much at all, however as their pricked up ears might confirm, they are very alert and never miss a trick, making them suitable guard dogs. For people living in cities, Frenchies are a great choice of dog as they don’t need a great deal of outdoor exercise. French Bulldogs fit happily into most homes and most situations.

Interesting facts:

  1. French Bulldogs are not very good swimmers. This is true across many types of smaller dogs, but Frenchies in particular are not exactly the perfect pooch to take swimming. In the canine world, they’re probably the least adept swimmers you’ll find.
  2. They were bred to be great companions and as any owner will tell you, that’s exactly what they are. Man’s best friends for sure.
  3. Many celebrities have French Bulldogs as pets, including Lady Gaga who takes her four legged friend with her wherever she goes. Having the dogs since they were a puppy is the best way to ensure the tight knit bond between dog and owner that people are always on the look out for. 


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