Should I Get A Dog? ‘Corgi’

Should I Get A Dog? ‘Corgi’


Name: Corgi/ Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Life expectancy: 12 – 13 Years

Height: 10 – 12 inches/ 25 – 31 cm

Weight: Up to 28 lbs/ 12 kgs

Colours: Red, Sable, Fawn, Black & Tan, White

Origin: Pembrokeshire

Breed popularity: 13th

Appearance: This particular variety of canine has a tail that is usually docked close to its body, although this is becoming less and less popular to do. Compared with the Cardigan corgi, the Pembroke Welsh corgi has much more pointed ears, whereas the Cardigan has more gentle curves at the tips. This type of corgi has a very short body, but make no mistake, he is as cute as a button with his innocent eyes and ‘pitter patter’ walking style.


About the Corgi: Quite simply, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the most loyal and affable breeds in the world. Its agreeable nature makes it the perfect choice for a family pet and due its incredible intelligence, obvious enthusiasm and surprising agility, it is well known for taking part in competitions. Usually a regular competitor in agility contests, the corgi can also be found in herding competitions, as well as in obedience disciplines as well.

Interesting facts:

  1. Corgis are rumoured to be ‘Enchanted Dogs’ due to their pint sized appearance. There are plenty of tales about how they have been the carrier animals for fairies, dwarves and goblins. Whether you believe this is up to you, but it certainly adds to the allure of the breed.
  2. It is no secret that this pooch is a favourite of Royalty, particularly in the UK, and Queen Elizabeth II is often photographed with her beloved pack of corgis.
  3. Despite their diminutive stature, corgis are expert shepherds and have long been used by Welsh sheep farmers for this purpose. Interestingly, they are far more adept at their task when working as a team than when set to task individually. There are not many cuter images than that of a team of corgis working together to bring the sheep back to the pen!

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